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02100- ROCK DRILL 10KG SILENCED (View Manual)
All rates are subject to as from 1/7/2000, a 10% GST and Compliance Levy 3.25% on Hire items.
Stamp Duty abolished from 1/07/2007.
Associated Items
Machine TypeItem NoDescriptionQuantitySelectionUser Manual
021000201AIR HOSE 3/4"x20m Manual
021000236SHORT AIR HOSE Manual
0210012495 ltr OIL CONTAINER Manual
021000276004STEELS PUSH ON 1040mm Manual
021000277001STEELS PUSH ON 1500mm Manual
021000278010STEELS PUSH ON 3050mm Manual
021000279003STEELS ING-RAND Manual
021000280005STEELS ING-RAND 1600mm Manual
021000282007STEELS INTEGRAL 1140 x 29mm Manual
021000283012STEELS INTEGRAL 1680 x 25mm Manual
021000284003STEELS INTEGRAL 3210 x 27mm Manual
021000228OIL BOTTLE Manual
021000305WATER HOSE 13mm x 20m Manual
021001233WATER TAP CONNECTION 19mm/3/4" Manual
0210012103WATER TAP CONNECTION 1"/25mm Manual