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1811- OXY TROLLEY (View Manual)
All rates are subject to as from 1/7/2000, a 10% GST and Compliance Levy 3.25% on Hire items.
Stamp Duty abolished from 1/07/2007.
Associated Items
Machine TypeItem NoDescriptionQuantitySelectionUser Manual
18111822OXYGEN COMPRESSED CYLINDER Size E 4.3m3/23ltr CLASS 2.2 UN1072 Supagas Manual
18111824Acetylene, Dissolved CYLINDER Size E 3.2m3/23ltr CLASS 2.1 UN No.:1001 (Gas Extra) Supagas Manual
18111821OXYGEN COMPRESSED CYLINDER Size G 8.9m3/50L CLASS 2.2 UN No.:1072 Supagas Manual
18111849ACETYLENE DISSOLVED CYLINDER Size Super G 9.3m3/50ltr CLASS 2.1 UN 1001(Gas extra) Supagas Manual
18111266032FIRE EXTINGUISHER 9KG Manual