Trading Hours

DayOpen Hours
Monday6 am to 5 pm
Tuesday6 am to 5 pm
Wednesday6 am to 5 pm
Thursday6 am to 5 pm
Friday6 am to 5 pm
Saturday6 am to 12 pm
Public HolidaysClosed
Fixed Saturday ShutdownClosed

Public Holidays

PH DateDescription
01/01/2021New Years Day
23/01/2021No Work Saturday
25/01/2021Fixed RDO
26/01/2021Australia Day
02/04/2021Good Friday
03/04/2021Easter Saturday
05/04/2021Easter Monday
06/04/2021Fixed RDO
24/04/2021No Work Saturday
26/04/2021Fixed RDO
12/06/2021No Work Saturday
14/06/2021Queens Birthday
15/06/2021Fixed RDO
19/07/2021Covid Lockdown
20/07/2021Covid Lockdown
21/07/2021Covid Lockdown
22/07/2021Covid Lockdown
23/07/2021Covid Lockdown
24/07/2021Covid Lockdown
26/07/2021Covid Lockdown
27/07/2021Covid Lockdown
28/07/2021Covid Lockdown
29/07/2021Covid Lockdown
30/07/2021Covid Lockdown
02/10/2021No Work Saturday
04/10/2021Labour Day
05/10/2021Fixed RDO
04/12/2021No Work Saturday
06/12/2021Picnic Day
07/12/2021Fixed RDO
24/12/2021Fixed RDO
25/12/2021Christmas Day
27/12/2021Substitute Christmas Day
28/12/2021Substitute Boxing Day
29/12/2021Fixed RDO

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